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Sri Lanka Tourism

Tourism Promotion

The Government of Sri Lanka has declared 2011 a "Visit Sri Lanka Year"
Oman had contributed to tourism in Sri Lanka even during difficult times. Oman has generated over 1500 tourists during the year 2010, compared to 750 in 2009. Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau organized a Road Show in Oman in 2010 with the participation of 12 Sri Lankan companies together with Sri Lankan Airlines and the Sri Lanka Embassy in Oman.

The visit of the Jewel of Muscat to Sri Lanka was a major drive towards tourism promotion in Sri Lanka. The Omani media, which participated in the welcoming ceremony of the"Jewel of Muscat" continue to give publicity about tourists' attractions in Sri Lanka.

Tourism Infrastructure Development

Sri Lanka has a target of 2.5 million tourist arrivals by 2016. A large number of tourism development projects are being undertaken and Sri Lanka envisages the demand to grow over the coming months.

The Government of Sri Lanka has already introduced several policy related initiatives to boost tourism. Among some key initiatives remain the elimination of various tax regimes, reduction in the high electricity tariffs, unification of the regulatory environment, reduction in corporate taxes and simplification of investment approvals.

A "One-Stop-Unit" within the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority assists prospective investors to find state and private land and also facilitates tourism related projects by expediting approvals from various government institutions.