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Sri Lanka hails ties with Oman

Muscat: Sri Lankan Embassy in Muscat on Sunday celebrated the country's 66th Independence Day in Muscat.
The reception to mark the occasion was attended by a number of senior officials of the Sultanate, several heads of the diplomatic missions accredited to the Sultanate, and officials of the Foreign Affairs Ministry.
Speaking on the occasion, Asoka Girihagama, the Sri Lankan ambassador to the Sultanate, said it was a great pleasure  for him to welcome all at the 66th National Day celebrations of Sri Lanka.
"We celebrated our National Day on February 4 with the participation of the Sri Lankan community in Oman. We are happy to share our friendship and warm sentiments with the diplomatic community and the dignitaries of the Government of Oman on this occasion," Girihagama said.
He added that the government of Sri Lanka has embarked upon numerous development projects in the country. "We were able to maintain a reasonable economic growth for the last few years despite global economic setbacks and continue to maintain the same speedy progress in the following years due to the prevalence of peace in the country."
Talking about Oman-Sri Lanka relations, he said the ties date back to many centuries and have risen to such an extraordinary level due to contributions made by both the countries over the last few decades.
"Last year, we saw many ministerial and official level visits between the two countries paving the way for strong bilateral relations. In January this year, we were able to conclude the first session of consultations between the two foreign ministries, which will lay a solid foundation for our relations in the years ahead.
"Trade between the two countries needs much attention, as there is a great potential for expansion of trade in numerous fields. Our very first trade exhibition and food festival was held on February 12-14, 2013 in Muscat with tremendous success.
"Tourism is another area where the two countries could forge a close relationship, as Oman and Sri Lanka have become popular tourist destinations," he noted.
"Our ties go beyond economic aspirations and we consider Oman as a close friend, which
cooperates with us in multilateral arenas.
"I am confident that our ties with Oman will be further strengthened in other areas, namely, manpower, agriculture, social and community activities, education, maritime and banking sector in the years to come," the Sri Lankan ambassador added.
Source: Times of Oman 11.02.2014