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Vesak Celebration - 2012

The temple committee with the assistance of the Embassy, Sri Lankan Community Social Club and the Sri Lankan School in Muscat with the participation of a large number of Sri Lankan expatriates organized the Vesak Festival 2012. Three Buddhist monks namely, Rev. Moragolle Sumanayogi Thero’, Rev. Nagoda Saddhaloka Thero’, Rev. Ridiyagama Indaloka Thero’ from Sri Lanka participated in the 10 days Vesak Celebrations, (from 3rd – 13th May 2012).

Special programme was held on 4th May 2012 from morning to night commemorating Sri Sambudhadthawa Jayanthiya” ceremony with bana preaching, sil programme, Buddhist sermons and blood donation. Dansal programme was arranged throughout the Vesak Festival. A large number of Sri Lankans living in Oman donated blood on the Vesak Day.

On 10th May 2012, a Vesak drama was performed by the students of Daham Pasala and Bakthi Gee was presented by teachers from the Sri Lankan School, Muscat with some members from the temple committee.

Delivering a special Buddhist sermon Ven. Thero’ emphasised the importance of practicing Buddhist way of life and good deeds.The prelate also enlightened the devotees on the benefits of Buddhist teaching mediation, compassion, non-violence etc. toward attaining moral high grounds. The monk appealed the Sri Lankan Community to help their compatriots and share their wisdom with one another in a spirit of unity and harmony.