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Muscat Daily staff writer
December 08, 2013
In an attempt to build stronger ties among nations and help the needy in Oman, the Ambassadors’ Wives Group hosted a Diplomatic Charity Bazaar at Grand Hyatt Muscat on Saturday.

The event was held after 12 years and 23 embassies had presence at the venue exhibiting products from their countries.

The day-long event also witnessed cultural performances from countries such as Indonesia, Lebanon, India, Malaysia, Palestine, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Mita Mukul, wife of the Indian Ambassador to Oman, said, “We are glad to be part of this event which took place after 12 long years. At the Indian stall, we had 30 items on display including textiles, spices, garlands and sculptures from all over India.”

Speaking about her stall, Datin Dr Musrifah Sapardi Rustam, wife of the Malaysian Ambassador, said, “Malaysia is a country of diverse ethnicity and we presented a variety of dishes. The popular ones among them were plilut kuninb, karipap, bak chang and coconut rice. We also had forks representing the Twin Towers and purses made from pandanus leaves.”

Sana Tahia from the French Embassy said that the event was a remarkable opportunity to showcase the culture of Paris through posters and mementoes from Champs-Élysées and the Louvre.

Proceeds from the event will go to various charity organisations in Oman, primarily the Association for the Welfare of Handicapped Children. Manar Massrieh, president of the charity bazaar organising committee and wife of the Palestinian Ambassador, said, “We are glad that many people supported our idea. We have decided to support organisations dedicated to children.”

Popular items at the bazaar included luqmat al qadi – a sweet from Lebanon, som tam (papaya salad) from Thailand and paratha from Afghanistan. The UAE Embassy had also set up a stall to celebrate Dubai’s win in the 2020 World Expo bid.