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Relations between Sri Lanka & Oman

Sri Lanka has established strong and stable diplomatic relations with the Sultanate of Oman since 1982. After the opening a fully fledged Embassy in Muscat in July 1987 the two countries were able to forge closer links in almost all the spheres of bilateral cooperation particularly in political, trade, cultural and social affairs. In this context the Government of Sri Lanka has invited the Sultanate's Government to open up its Embassy in Colombo as it would be an important milestone between the two countries to strengthen the prevailing diplomatic cooperation.

It is noted that with regard to the current political issues in Sri Lanka the Oman Government supports and stands with our view point emphasizing to a home grown solution without any interference of the foreign powers.�

Oman and Sri Lanka are dealing at the international level since both countries are member of organizations such as NAM, IOR-ARC and etc.
The Sultanate of Oman is also at forefront of humanitarian and charitable activities where the Sultanate's government has send donations for flood relief in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka in 2011.

Sri Lanka – Oman ties further strengthened by a visit of the "Jewel of Muscat" at the Port of Galle in 2010. The visit by the "Jewel of Muscat", a replica of a 9th Century Omani Trading Vessel, built in the Sultanate of Oman, symbolized the centuries long bilateral relationship. The "Jewel of Muscat" has evoked memories of the cultural and trade exchanges that have taken place for over a thousand years between the Sultanate and Sri Lanka. The arrival of the vessel of goodwill from Oman marks as well the continuing voyage of friendship and understanding to destination of practical and meaningful mutual collaboration. It was agreed that the bilateral relationship in the second decade of the current millennium would be marked by increased exchanges of high level and economic partnership.

So far the following bilateral agreements/MOUs have been signed between the two countries.

(1) Air Service Agreement
(2) Bilateral Agreement on Mutual Legal Assistant and crime combating
(3)Agreement on Double Taxation
(4)A MoU was signed between the OCCI and Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka

(5) MoU on Bilateral Consultation (political, economic, cultural, technological, scientific and educational relations) signed on 31.10.2012 at the Ministry of External Affairs, Sri Lanka.

The proposed MoUU namely, on the Field of Manpower and the Agreement on Investment Promotion are to be signed.