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Labour Section

Key Areas and Responsibilities of Labour Welfare Section

01. Create more job opportunities for Sri Lankans.

· Contact Government & Private companies in Oman who receive skilled/unskilled (workers) from Sri Lanka.

· Identify job opportunities.

· Registration of job orders and service contracts.


02. Welfare & Assistance to Sri Lankan migrants in Oman.

· Solve labour disputes through discussions with sponsors, agents and the employees.

· Take legal action to solve labour issues through the Ministry of Manpower, Immigration, Courts and Police.

· Settle disputes according to employer-employee agreements.


03. Repatriation of Sri Lankan workers on their requests/requests from Sri Lanka.


04. Provide assistance for death cases.


05. Visit the police and jail to look after the welfare of Sri Lankans in remand custody.


06. Visit factories where Sri Lankan workers are employed to discuss problems faced by them and to improve their welfare facilities.


07. Registration/Renewal of insurance policy under the Insurance Scheme of the SLBFE. (SLBFE Registration).

(SLBFE registration is in place to benefit the migrants and their families under an insurance coverage.

The welfare under the insurance coverage is valid for a period of two years from the date of registration and should be re-validated within three months from the date of expiry).

08. Conduct counseling programmes for domestic workers and other Sri Lankans who are employed in various sectors.


09. Providing shelter for runaway housemaids when they report to the Embassy.


10. Providing food, medicine, clothes, medical facilities and other requirements for the safe house inmates.


11. Providing legal and translation facilities for Sri Lankan workers to resolve their labour disputes.


12. Providing transport facilities for housemaids from Embassy to Seeb Airport for their repatriation.


13. Providing assistance and advising the Sri Lankan workers who make complaints by fax, letter or over the phone.


14. Visiting hospitals and mortuary on receipt of information/details of Sri Lankans from the Foreign Ministry or other sources and provide necessary assistance to patients/death cases.


15. Sending human remains to Sri Lanka.


16. Assist to obtain compensation, gratuity, salary and other dues of deceased Sri Lankan workers in Oman.


17. Conducting Skilled Development programmes.


18. Requesting Amnesty/pardon for Sri Lankans who work in Oman without labour cards, visa cards and assist those who are unable to pay huge fines.


19. Attending/updating the online complaints receive from Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE), Ministry of External Affairs, Next of Kin, Local and Foreign Agents, etc.


20. Visiting recruiting agencies to inspect the welfare and other facilities provided to recruits.


21. Visiting Salalah, and Sohar to assist the Sri Lankan migrants in their Counsular/Labour welfare matters.


22. Introducing/Implementing the new terms and conditions issued by the Omani/Sri Lanka Government related to the welfare of migrant workers.


23. Conduct inquiries into the instances of avoiding responsibilities and violating recruitment procedures by Oman/Sri Lanka Recruiting Agencies that affect the welfare of migrant workers.


24. Organizing religious and cultural programmes with the participation of Sri Lankan migrant workers.

Recruitment Agencies in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Agency (Pvt) Ltd. (SLFEA) is a subsidiary private recruitment agency registered under the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment, which is authorized to recruit Sri Lankans for foreign employments. Its functions and procedures are closely scrutinized by the Foreign Employment Bureau prior to grant permission for recruitment.